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Learning from basic to advanced logistics and supply chain with experts.

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We provide custom training with well-designed syllabus to support your company needs. Delivered by the experts from both academicians and practitioners, our training helps your employees to enhance their knowledge as well as their productivity. With customized duration, schedule and materials, our training can be adjusted to suit your busy days. 

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Basic Supply Chain Management

12 – 16 hours class

Assign experts to deliver concepts and best practices in supply chain management. Paired with comprehensive case studies, this training will be helpful to get thorough supply chain management practices in real industries. Suitable for commoners, entry level employees, trainees, professionals, and others.

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Advanced Supply Chain Management

12 – 16 hours class

Provide a deeper understanding in the supply chain management concept, strategies, planning, and execution. Guide the managerial level of a company to evaluate and align supply chain operation in their company. Suitable for managerial level and above or professionals in related area.

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Production Planning and Inventory Control

12 – 16 hours class

Guide employees to plan the production and inventory as well as how to manage it. Supplied with spreadsheets to help participants understand the application of the planning and control for their production and inventory. Suitable for employees in the area of production planning and inventory control and not limited to manufacturing industry. 

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Warehouse Management

12 – 16 hours class

Provide detail concept in managing warehouse, including warehouse activities, layout, performance measures, technology, and many more. Completed with best practices in managing warehouse, this training will help employees to understand the operational and control of the warehouse. Suitable for employees in the area of logistics and warehouse.

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Sourcing and Procurement

12 – 16 hours class

Guide employees to develop a strategy in sourcing and procurement activities. Supplied with cases, this training will help participants to understand deeper about how activities in sourcing and procurement will affect the supply chain performances. Suitable for employees in the area of sourcing, procurement, and related areas.

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Transportation and Distribution

12 – 16 hours class

Guide employees on how to manage the transportation and distribution as well as how to control it. Supplied with spreadsheets and case studies to help participants understand deeper the practice in the field. Suitable for employees in the area of transportation planning, distribution planning, and related area.

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